Birds of Different Feathers - Participant Instrument

Birds of Different Feathers by Barbara BJ Hateley & Warren Schmidt Work Style Assessment explores diversity, sensitively and effectively This new tool, from Barbara BJ Hateley and Warren Schmidt, authors of the best-selling diversity series Peacock in the Land of Penguins, continues their use of captivating imagery and metaphor in a powerful training and development exercise. The new Birds of Different Feathers Work Style Assessment offers an innovative and thought provoking way for individuals to learn more about themselves, their colleagues and their organizations. This insightful exercise helps individuals understand both their own work style as well as the work style culture of their organization. It is engaging format goes beyond simple personality types and uses the metaphor of different birds (peacock, owl, hawk and dove) to help illustrate the many different characteristics, which guide our actions and the interactions with others in our organizations. Part I This is a self-assessment exercise: individuals learn what type of bird they are. The feedback helps them understand how this affects their job strengths, motivators and considerations, as well as gives them suggestions for enhancing their relationships with their colleagues. Part II In this section they assess their organization work style, and learn how appreciating their organizations nest can help them to fly to new heights of job satisfaction and effectiveness. This exercise is an excellent companion to the animated training videos Peacock in the Land of Penguins and Pigeonholed in the Land of Penguins. The Birds of Different Feathers Work Style Assessment is $8.95 per copy and quantity discounts are available. Product format: Self-scoring instrument Duration: 15 minutes each part
Birds of Different Feathers - Participant Instrument
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