Terrorist Incident - Terrorist Incident Participant Activity

Terrorist Incident by Alan Hunt & Neil Whitham The simulation to help your teams to value clarification Terrorist Incident is designed to promote group problem-solving under stress/pressure, consensus decision-making, and an understanding of group dynamics. Participants are asked to first solve the problem individually and then as a group making consensus decisions. The scores are then compared against an expert ranking and demonstrate that effective teams generally produce better outcomes than individuals alone. Applications: - provide stand-alone team-building training, or team "refresher" - use as warm-up activity in larger training designs - assessment centers - evaluating the success of team-development processes. Scenario USG Biopharmaceuticals is a niche biotechnology corporation with their head office in New Hampshire. A few years ago the company suffered bad publicity about animals used at the research center. A number of letter bombs were sent to staff at their research laboratory by an Animal Rights group known as WAFF the World Animal Freedom Front. USG declared that animals would not be used in their research. Following rumors that the company is reneging on the deal, a group of WAFF activities have taken USG employees hostage? Participants determine priority action steps to ensure the survival of the hostages. The Terrorist Incident Participant Booklet (16 pages) provides all the resources needed to run the exercise. As well as background information the booklet contains the response sheet, expert ranking, individual and team-score sheets, and action-planning guidelines. This is a well-researched and innovative "survival" simulation. The content provides the basis for a wide-ranging team discussion and helps participants explore different approaches to solving a potentially "life-or-death" problem. The 20-page Facilitator Guide contains: - Introduction to Terrorist Incident (preparation and timings) - Setting the scene?using the CD-ROM "briefing" slides (in PowerPoint? and Adobe Acrobat? formats). Includes a script for the facilitator. - Expert ranking and rationale - Scoring and de-briefing the exercise - Improving the quality of team discussions (input and handout). Product format: Simulation. Duration: 11/2?21/2 hours. Suitable for: All organization members.
Terrorist Incident - Terrorist Incident Participant Activity
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