Managing by Motivation Third Edition - MbM Questionnaire

Managing by Motivation Third Edition by Dr. Marshall Sashkin A newly revised and improved version of the classic MbM instrument This instrument is based on the classic motivation theories of Maslow and Herzberg. These identify motivating factors in terms of an individual security, social, self-esteem, and self-actualization needs. Managers will learn to understand their own motivations, and more importantly to take into account employees motivations as they relate to performance and organizational change issues. MbM shows managers how to capitalize on employees natural motivators rather than focusing on less relevant external motivators. Completed and scored in 15 minutes The 20-item questionnaire can be completed and self-scored in 15 minutes, and includes brief and insightful interpretive material. This instrument is a stimulating new addition to existing supervisory and management development workshops on change, teams, and leadership. A companion Trainer Guide includes training designs, a lecturette, norms, and references. Use the MbM for: supervisory and middle-management development programs change management teambuilding leadership development. Product format: Self-scoring questionnaire Duration: 15 minutes Suitable for: All organization members
Managing by Motivation Third Edition - MbM Questionnaire
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