Emotional Smarts! - Form A (8 pages)

Emotional Smarts! by June Donaldson, MBA, Ed.D. Emotionally smart people are at the very Heart of Successful Organizations Why Emotional Smarts Matter Our Emotional Intelligence or Emotional SMARTS! matters most during times of change. Emotional SMARTS! is our willingness to take ownership of our emotions during life, work, career, and relationship uncertainties. From Concept to Practice The Emotional SMARTS!? self-scoring Profiles simplify emotional intelligence and turn it from a concept into real behaviors. The profiles are easy to understand, use, interpret, and integrate into learning initiatives for all levels of any organization. The Profiles: Form A Short version: Profiles the 4 Emotional SMARTS! cornerstones.cs that underpin the 4 Cornerstones. Form B Long version: In addition assesses the 16 supporting characteristics that support the 4 Cornerstones. The Facilitator Guide: Includes administration and facilitation guidelines, descriptions of the Emotional SMARTS!. Cornerstones and Characteristics, and a variety of exercises. Discussion takes place on how to integrate Emotional SMARTS! with change management, leadership, team building, sales and customer service, negotiation and conflict management workshops. Overhead masters are included. Please note that there are NO extra fees or facilitator training costs to use this material. Use Emotional SMARTS! for: conflict and negotiation workshops leadership training sales and customer service development team-building change management workshops?personally or organizationally. Transfer the Learning Use the Emotional SMARTS! book, along with the profiles, to help your participants broaden and deepen their emotional intelligence knowledge. The book gives additional ideas and exercises on how to turn newly acquired insights into observable and results oriented action. Why Emotional SMARTS! Matter Research clearly indicates that how we apply our wisdom to managing our emotions is a critical component in our life, work, career, and relationship successes. The Emotional SMARTS! process can help people ensure they receive the best results possible for their time, money, energy, resources, and talent! Product format: Self-scoring questionnaire Suitable for: All organization members Learning Goal: To identify and understand personality styles and strengths
Emotional Smarts! - Form A (8 pages)
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