Change Management Predictor - Participant Workbook

Change Management Predictor Dr. John Nicholls Understanding how personality can potentially determine an individuals response to change The only certainty in organizational life is that organizations of all types and sizes need to master the change process rather than being the victim of it. The Change Management Predictor helps increase individual awareness of the differing responses to the change process and helps participants understand the potential impact of their response to change. We can only become more effective in responding positively to change if we intuitively deal with it. The CMP provides the facility to understand and predict the impact of an individualĀ“s change style on self and co-workers. Through the use of the CMP, respondants learn how to flex and develop their style(s) and to work with others whose preferred or intuitive approach is different to their own. The CMP is based on the personality dimensions developed by Carl Jung and sets out to help generate insight into why, when faced by change, some people appear to be threatened and develop strategies to resist balance the pro and con in a matter-of-fact way like the process to be gradual with a clear step-by-step approach, while others prefer radical, discontinuous changes! What the CMP measures The Change Management Predictor measures the respondents preferred approach to dealing with change. The 20-item assessment is self-scoring and indicates where the respondent fits on the Change style continuum. This is again based on Carl Jung dimensions. The CMP is not a test and therefore has no right or wrong results. It provides important personal insights and should be seen as a powerful self-awareness instrument. The CMP instrument includes the assessment and a detailed description of each of the style strengths and weaknesses. Knowledge is really powerful when turned into action and the CMP includes suggestions on developing more flexible approaches when working with others. The CMP Facilitator Guide provides comprehensive advice and guidelines on the most effective use of the resource. This includes a detailed explanation of the CMP model and style, as well as suggested applications for individuals and teams. It also describes the theoretical and research background of the CMP and its links with best practice on change management. Product format: Instrument Duration: 10 15 minutes to complete and score Suitable for: All organization members Learning Goal: To increase individuals awareness of how they deal with change
Change Management Predictor - Participant Workbook
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