Personal Creativity Assessment - Facilitator Guide (50 pages)

Personal Creativity Assessment by Alexander Hiam Develop Personal Creativity in Your Organization! Are you creative? You probably are, everyone is capable of creative thinking at some level. However, it is revealing to look closely at the barriers and enablers of creativity and to see which ones relate to you. By doing this you can not only gauge how creative your workplace behavior is right now, but you can also identify how to make it more creative. The Personal Creativity Assessment (PCA) allows an individual to quickly determine how they measure up in the realm of creativity. The 62-item assessment correlates to 31 creativity barriers and 31 creativity enablers. The PCA also provides useful instructions on how to either overcome or enhance barriers and enablers. Presented in a non-threatening format, the PCA is an excellent activity to conduct in a workshop or group setting where creativity is an issue. The Facilitator┬┤s Guide provides a complete explanation of the rationale behind the PCA, as well as detailed instructions for conducting the assessment. The Facilitator┬┤s Guide also includes step-by-step guidance for integrating the PCA into a training program. Product format: Self-scoring creativity assessment Duration: 20 - 25 minutes Suitable for: All organization members
Personal Creativity Assessment - Facilitator Guide (50 pages)
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