Negotiating Style Instrument - Facilitator Guide

Negotiating Style Instrument by Jon Warner, B.A., M.B.A. Becoming a better negotiator Everyone negotiates! Although there are some situations that are clearly labeled as ?negotiations,? there are many others that require the same level of effective negotiating skill. These situations all have one thing in common. They require 2 or more people to communicate with each other in order to reach a deal of some kind (even though they may sometimes fail to do this!). The Negotiating Style instrument is designed to assist individuals to understand their own negotiating style and preferences. By completing the 32-question instrument, they will develop insights into how to flex, or adjust, their style to give them better results in the future. The instrument is easy to score and to interpret, and uses a clear framework to provide the respondent with a graphic personal profile of their style preferences using the model shown above: The Negotiating Style instrument identifies the benefits of using each style and helps clarify the link between behavior and its consequences. It also gives practical suggestions on positive ways to use each style preference. Product format: Self-scoring style instrument Duration: Approximately 1 hour Suitable for: All organization members
Negotiating Style Instrument - Facilitator Guide
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