Influencing Strategies & Styles Profile (20 pages)

Influencing Strategies & Styles Profile by Tony Manning An in-depth instrument for improving Personal Influencing Skills preferred influencing style and understand how each style affects the receiving party in an influencing situation. It is a self-scoring instrument that includes comprehensive interpretative notes to help participants understand their scores and develop influencing strategies by demonstrating how appropriate style matches provide better results. It?s an essential tool for anyone whose effectiveness depends on their ability to influence the decisions of others, whether within the organization or in the sales or negotiation context. By helping participants identify their preferred styles, the ISSP offers them the potential to build on those styles and also to explore other strategies more effective in some circumstances. The comprehensive Facilitator Guide provides detailed information on the development, administration, and interpretation of the ISSP instrument. It also includes Overhead Masters and five additional master copies for participant handouts. The ISSP has been revised following extensive research to include the following: More finely differentiated scales Scores for influencing styles as well as the use of influencing strategies. Facilitator guide has extra materials to aid interpretation and use PowerPoint presentation on CD Product format: Instrument Duration: 11/4 to 2 hours Suitable for: All organization members
Influencing Strategies & Styles Profile (20 pages)
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