Negotiating Effectiveness Profile - Participant Instrument

Negotiating Effectiveness Profile by Ira & Sandy Asherman The Negotiating Effectiveness Profile is a training and development tool that helps you assess and improve your skills in dealing with others. Successful personal and professional relationships are based on achieving and maintaining mutually beneficial goals. Good negotiating skills gives us the basis for which to reach theses goals. The NEP is a simple to use self-assessment exercise that yields timely information and valuable insights for enhancing your negotiating profile. Individuals rank 36 statements, producing an analysis of strengths and weakness in each of six dimensions of the negotiating process. Feedback materials give suggestions for improving proficiency in each of the dimensions, as well as tips for negotiating in special situations, such a team negotiations, or negotiating cross culturally. A section for creating an action plan for improvement is also included. Suggested applications: Management development, supervisor training, facilitation workshops, conflict resolution, sales or customer service training. Product format: Booklet including test, instructions for scoring, feedback materials and action planning guide
Negotiating Effectiveness Profile - Participant Instrument
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