Influence Styles Inventory - Trainer Guide

Influence Styles Inventory by Dr. Marshall Sashkin Learn how to be effectively assertive! The Influenc Styles Inventory assesses three communication styles that people use to influence others: Passive, Assertive and Aggressive. Drawing on current research that integrates the importance of assertiveness with interpersonal communication and influence, the ISI gives managers an opportunity to analyze their influence styles. Assertive or aggressive Many people still confuse assertion with aggression or are unclear about the difference. The ISI is a tool not only for examining one preferred style but for developing a practical understanding of how the three styles can be seen to be different, in action. In this way, respondents can begin to learn how to use assertion effectively, as a distinct alternative to aggression or passive avoidance. Quick and easy to score and interpret The instrument takes about 10 minutes to complete and score. Scoring is simple and visual, resulting in a graphic display and comparison of the three style preferences. Use the ISI in workshops on: Assertiveness training Management development Conflict management Interpersonal communication. Product format: Instrument Duration: 1 to 11/2 hours
Influence Styles Inventory - Trainer Guide
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