Negotiating Skills Inventory - Participant Instrument (24 pages)

Negotiating Skills Inventory by Frank La Vista Great for salesand customer service providers The Negotiating Skills Inventory (NSI) is a powerful yet practical tool for helping individuals assess and improve their sales negotiating skills. The NSI focuses on five key elements that take place in every sales negotiation. In this self-scoring exercise, individuals rank their performance in fifty different negotiating activities. Individuals receive an overall assessment of their negotiating skills, plus scores for each of the five key areas of negotiating. An interpretative section helps individuals understand their results, and gives suggestions on how to improve their skills in each of the five areas. Suggested applications: Sales training, customer service training, conflict resolution, labor relations, mediation training, management development. Product format: Booklet including test, scoring instructions and feedback materials
Negotiating Skills Inventory - Participant Instrument (24 pages)
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