Dealing with Conflict Instrument - Leader Guide

Dealing with Conflict Instrument by Alexander Hiam Improve the outcome of conflict situations in your organization Most of us are less skilled at handling conflict than we should be. The normal negotiating behavior, as typically practiced in business and social contexts, does not generally produce high levels of satisfaction for either participant. DWCI will help change this by encouraging conflicting parties to shift to a more collaborative style in order to find and pursue shared interests, creating a win/win outcome. The Dealing with Conflict Instrument (DWCI) is a significant improvement over conventional conflict assessments. It shortens scoring time, produces clearer and more user-friendly results, and includes helpful support material. DWCI is compatible with most existing training programs and is the easiest way to update assessment materials. The Dealing with Conflict Instrument presents five conflicthandling styles are These encompass all the effective ways of dealing with conflict. accommodate avoid compromise compete collaborate, By completing the Dealing with Conflict Instrument Self, participants will learn about their own natural style tendencies. The information gathered from the DWCI 360-Degree Feedback set will give them insight into how they are perceived by others when resolving conflicts. The combined results of these assessments indicate which styles of conflict resolution need the most improvement. Product format: Instrument Duration: 60 minutes Suitable for: All organization members
Dealing with Conflict Instrument - Leader Guide
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