Landslide - Facilitator Guide (8 pages)

Landslide by Martin Thompson A consensus decision making activity Landslide is a team-building resource that goes beyond the survival type of activity. Using a potential life and death scenario, it requires groups to reach consensus using their own judgement and limited information. It also helps participants identify and discuss many of the personal values that can either accelerate or block the growth of the team. As with real life, the decisions are scrutinized afterwards and the participants are able to increase their understanding of how they worked together. Landslide can be incorporated into any team-building program to add drama and excitement. Structure of rating: Select the rescue sequence of 8 volunteers trapped on a mountain. Focus: The effect of personal values on teamwork, and consensus decisionmaking. Product format: Simulation Duration: 2 to 3 hours Suitable for: All organization members
Landslide - Facilitator Guide (8 pages)
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