Team Norms - Participant Activity (6 pages)

Team Norms by Thomas G. Webber & Ronald L. Potter Build a team plan Team Norms are the unwritten rules about how we do things around here?. They can make or break team success. The Team Norms activity requires participants to act as professional advisors to a management team and choose the top 10 norms that will improve the team effectiveness. Following a discussion of the practical immplications of team norms and generation of a team rating, the scores are compared to tne best practice? expert ranking. Team Charter Action planning includes re-visiting the list of norms and selecting the most appropriate for their own team. Materials are included for each participant to construct a Team Charter that lists their specific team norms for display at the workplace. The Facilitator Guide provides background information on the objectives of the activity, guidelines for effective group functioning, and a full explanation of the expert?s rationale and scoring. Product format: Simulation Duration: 2 to 21/2 hours Suitable for: Intact work groups and potential teams
Team Norms - Participant Activity (6 pages)
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