Acceleration - Facilitator Guide (64 pages)

Acceleration by Richard L. Hill and Thomas G. Webber Get results faster Acceleration is a dynamic product that can reduce the learning curve for new leaders and team members by UP TO 6 MONTHS. Using a tested process of team activities and focused discussions, Acceleration: shortens the start-up time needed for people to become acquainted with how things operate identifies potential transition problems and agrees upon ways to approach them establishes ground rules that cover how the group will work together to ensure maximum effectiveness. The Acceleration activities work best when facilitated by a Trainer, O.D. Consultant, or Human Resource Professional. Administration guidelines are clearly described using the comprehensive Facilitator Guide. The Participant Activities are designed to facilitate discussion and clarification of key issues. You have the choice of three different workbooks to meet specific team needs. NEW TEAM FORMATION Helps the new team hit the ground running TEAM MEMBER INCLUSION Accelerates the integration and orientation of a new team member NEW LEADER TRANSITION Helps the Team Leader to get up to speed quickly and successfully Product format: Interactive workbook-based activities Duration: Varies Suitable for: All organization members
Acceleration - Facilitator Guide (64 pages)
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