Group Process Questionnaire - Facilitator Guide (26 pages)

Group Process Questionnaire by Richard L. Hill, D. Joseph Fisher, Ph.D., Tom Webber, Kathleen A. Fisher, William Neale Enhance back-to-work application of team-building simulations and get real value from the experience The Group Process Questionnaire presents a model for effective team performance and identifies behaviors that prevent a groups from achieving goals. It can be used to review the outcome of team-building activities, such as simulations, and evaluate group performance in the work environment. This self-scoring instrument allows participants to individually rate how well they felt the team functioned during the activity. Then through a dynamic group discussion, participants reach consensus on the overall strengths and weaknesses of the team. These results are transferred onto a graph to visually depict the group profile, and identify ways to monitor progress. The Facilitator Guide provides instructions for administering the questionnaire, guidelines for scoring and interpreting scores, and prescriptives for improvement Product format: Instrument Duration: 1 hour Suitable for: All organization members
Group Process Questionnaire - Facilitator Guide (26 pages)
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