Political Intelligence - User Guide (16pp)

Political Intelligence 3D Training and Development "Politics is not what I do" "it�´s why you think I am doing it" What is the Political Perception Diagnostic? The Political Perception Diagnostic (PPD) is an easy-to-use self-scoring instrument that will provide insights into the respondent�´s understanding of organizational decisionmaking and influencing. "The way things get done around here" often bears no relation to organization structures or hierarchies. Savvy managers need to understand the reality of organizational life and the PPD helps them do so. It is not a test, and is non-judgemental ie power and politics are not seen as "bad". The PPD can help the respondent - identify personal preferences about political behavior - understand their personal view of the organization culture - increase their awareness of how to behave effefctively - align personal objectives with those of the organization. The PPD can help the organization to increase productivity by using a common language to describe some of the ways in which things get done, politically. Make sure that your managers are able to deal with the REAL world of organization life effectively and ethically. Product format: Self-scoring questionnaire and workbook Suitable for: All organization members
Political Intelligence - User Guide (16pp)
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