The Visionary Leader - Self Questionnaire (22 pp)

The Visionary Leader by Dr. Marshall Sashkin Over 110,000 copies sold! Leader Behavior Questionnaire Many leaders and managers are unaware of how their behavior affects other people or the organization as a whole. The Leadership Behavior Questionnaire (LBQ) helps your leaders to be more effective by identifying the strengths, limitations and impact of their leadership style. It measures the extent to which the respondent uses visionary leadership behaviors; the degree to which he or she possesses the personal characteristics required of visionary leaders; and the extent to which the respondent is having a positive impact on his or her organization. Measurement scales: The LBQ has 50 items, measuring the leader´s perception on 10 leadership scales. These scales include: - Focus (the ability to focus people´s attention on the key points of his/her vision) - Communication (use of basic effective communication skills) - Trust (consistent behavior) - Respect for self and others (giving people unconditional, positive regard) - Risk (engaging in rational risk-taking) - Bottom-line orientation (belief in one´s bottom-line impact on the organization) - Empowerment (use of power and influence to empower others) - Length of vision span (thinking clearly over relatively long spans of time) - Organizational leadership (having a positive impact on helping the organization adapt to change) - Cultural leadership (developing those values that will strengthen organizational functioning). Other materials and time guidelines Ample scoring instructions and interpretive material are included in the participant booklets. "Other" feedback versions of the instrument provide leaders with valuable feedback from employees, managers and peers. The Facilitator Guide includes suggested program designs for longer (half- or full-day) sessions on management development and leadership training.
The Visionary Leader - Self Questionnaire (22 pp)
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