Personal Effectiveness Inventory - PEI Participant Activity

Personal Effectiveness Inventory Alan Hunt and Neil Whitham Improve Personal Productivity and Time Management Use the Personal Effectiveness Inventory as a quick and easy diagnostic for Time Management or personal development. The self-scoring, 50-question Inventory means that in 15 minutes you will have raised many of the key issues underpinning personal effectiveness. The PEI provides a quick "health check" to ensure that we are being both efficient and effective. The clear, easy-to-score format helps the user identify effectiveness in managing 5 elements of personal productivity. Personal Profiling The individual scores generate a personal profile that clarifies areas of strength as well as opportunities to increase effectiveness. The Inventory provides feedback on: - The use of "free" time and how to ensure that this is used productively - Handling interruptions and coming up with strategies to manage them rather than feeling powerless. - Prioritizing workloads to differentiate between the urgent and the important. - Use of others to ensure that appropriate delegation and team-working occurs ? Organization in terms of self-discipline and practical structuring support systems. Product format: Self-scoring questionnaire Duration: 50 minutes Suitable for: All organization members
Personal Effectiveness Inventory - PEI Participant Activity
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