Personal Stress Assessment Inventory (12 pages)

Personal Stress Assessment Inventory by Herbert Kindler, Ph.D. Beat Stress by understanding the causes and managing reactions to it The Personal Stress Assessment Inventory (PSAI) helps participants analyze and understand all the factors that may cause high and potentially dysfunctional stress levels. Participants will identify their: - predisposition (ways of looking at lifeĀ“s events) - resilience (ability to bounce back or take care of themselves) - potential sources of stress (both work and non-work) - health symptoms - overall stress factor. The scoring focuses on both "burn-out" and the possibility of "rust-out". There is a built-in honesty check based on the social desirability scale designed by Crowne and Marlowe. The Facilitator Guide Contains a suggested design for two sessions totaling six hours. It also provides detailed administration, analysis, and debriefing guidelines for the PSAI and Participant Workbook. It gives background information on the PSAI conceptual model and illustrates a number of stress management strategies and techniques such as Autogenic Training. This comprehensive guide will help you clarify your training objectives and define the benefits of the program for both the participants and the organization. Materials may be omitted or added, depending on the time available to the facilitator. The Participant Workbook This supports the stress management workshop outlined in the Facilitator Guide. It includes interactive materials, a relevant case-study, and action plan guidelines. A truly comprehensive Stress Assessment Process Product format: Instrument and Workbook Duration: varies Suitable for: All organization members Learning Goal: To help participants understand stress and develop a stress management action plan
Personal Stress Assessment Inventory (12 pages)
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